Wire Rope Manufacturer

Modern wire rope was introduced in 1831 and quickly became favored over alternatives such as hemp ropes and metal chains. GAOSHENG is a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in the fabrication of high tensile steel wire ropes. Our most popular products include the stainless steel wire rope, NF steel aircraft cable, non-rotating steel wire rope, galvanized steel strand, pet tie out cable, and spliced/pressed steel wire rope slings.

Main Products
    1. 7X7 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope, Aircraft Cable
    2. 7X7 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope, Aircraft Cable 7X7 galvanized cable is manufactured according to the strict requirement related to the pulling force and tensile strength of the aircraft cable. Read More
    1. Coated Galvanized Steel Wire Rope, Aircraft Cable
    2. Coated Galvanized Steel Wire Rope,Aircraft Cable The galvanized surface of the PVC coated galvanized cable makes for outstanding corrosion resistance of the product. In atmosphere, mine water ... Read More
    1. Winch Rope
    2. Winch Rope Our winch cable is available with one or two flexible holes. The steel sling can be used as tow rope, mooring or anchor line, safety rope, boat fall, crane rope, etc. Read More
    1. Tow Cable
    2. Tow Cable The tow cable is made of steel wire with outstanding bearing capacity. The zinc coating enables optimal rust resistance and prolongs service life of the product. Read More
    1. Dog Tie Out Cable-up to 80lbs
    2. Dog Tie Out Cable-up to 80lbs Particularly suitable for the dogs with the weight over 80lbs, the dog tie out cable is manufactured with rust and corrosion resistant swivel hook and is coated ... Read More
    1. Wire Cutting Tools
    2. Wire Cutting Tools Produced with fine polishing, milling and blackening technology, the precision cable cutter has the same function with universal pliers. Read More