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The steel wire rope possesses the strength of steel and the maneuverability of a rope. GAOSHENG can provide everything from the galvanized steel strand to the NF steel aircraft cable, depending on the needs and requirements of the customer ...
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Main products
    1. 7X7 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope,Aircraft CableBy virtue of the special service environment, this range of product has higher reliability, longer lifespan, and higher safety in comparison with common steel wire rope.
    1. Coated Galvanized Steel Wire Rope,Aircraft CableIn atmosphere, mine water, and seawater, the lifespan of our coated cable is 3.5 to 5 times that of the regular galvanized steel wire rope. The diameter and the surface color of the high-strength wire cable can be customized.
    1. Winch RopeOur winch cable is available with one or two flexible holes.
      The steel sling can be used as tow rope, mooring or anchor line, safety rope, boat fall, crane rope, etc.
      Before delivery, the carton packed wire sling will be put onto a wooden plate or into a wooden box.
    1. Tow CableMade of steel, this tow rope offers an additional protection for your traction system.
      It is high in strength, for applying the aviation galvanized steel rope.
      Its PVC coating ensures that the tow bar will not be scraped during the pulling process.
    1. Dog Tie Out Cable-up to 80lbsApart from long lifespan, the weatherproof dog tie out cable is easy to clean, coil and store. Made of aircraft cable, our product is an ideal tool to restrain your dog from running out of the house.
    1. Wire Cutting ToolsThe induction hardening technology helps the cutting edge achieve hardness up to 58-63. So this product is suitable for cutting flexible wire, rigid wire, and piano wire.
  • Service and Quality Control
  • Prior to the delivery, we welcome the clients to come to our factory for checking the goods quality. For those clients who are inconvenient to come, we will clearly state the quality assurance items in the contract. If there are any quality problems, we will get back all the goods and return the relevant transportation fees.
    The goods in stock will be delivered within 2 to 3 workdays since the order is placed. Delivery time of custom-made products is determined according to the raw materials ...

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